Monday, May 28, 2012

Swimming After Two Years

Today, I went to swimming pool after two years and six months!

I woke up around 6:48 in the morning and got ready. I went to the swimming pools gate and gave Rs 5 to the employee sitting there. I went to the bathroom and took a bath and wore my swimming cap.

It is a big rectangular pool and which was four, seven and sixteen feet deep and the divisions were done by the rope in between. I went to seven feet. I wondered what if I might have forgotten how to swim. What if I die just after jumping into the water? I thought so much. And I just jumped into the water and my brain got blank. The next thing I felt that I was swimming like a fish in the water. I jumped, I swam and I enjoyed. And I realized that I didn’t forget to swim. I came back to my home. I felt sleepy. I slept around 8:30 and slept till 3:00 PM. 

Swimming makes you so tired!

I saw many new faces there. Everything so changed and so new. People were new. All the kids were new and all the ladies. There were a few ladies and a lot of kids. Things were changed. After swimming, we all used to gather in the bathrooms to take bath. We all used to enjoy showing off our new soap, shower gel, shampoo etc. But this year, the scenario was totally different. People didn't take bath. They didn't even take shower. They directly changed there clothes and went back to their homes. I was surprised seeing the whole thing but my face was expressionless.

Experience was good, even after two years when I had no friend there. Sometimes, its good to be surrounded by unknown people and it feels like you are alone in a crowded room. :)

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