Wednesday, January 2, 2013


MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS BERRY CRUSH Lip balm is a stick of normal size, 4.5 gm, as written by MAYBELLINE.
Translucent pink-red colour appears on the lips as you apply it. So if u don't want color just apply it gently on your lips and if you want colour, apply it really hard. You won't get so much colour as it's not a lipstick. But yeah! It will make your lips look nice! A normal & natural colour would appear.

It says "Six hour moisture", but no! It never happens! Because if you eat or drink anything, lip balm goes off! I dunno it generally happens with me! Don't know about you. So, you have to apply it over n over again.  Keep it with you in your pocket or in your bag!
If u don't eat or drink, it will last maybe for 1.5-2 hours! No, not 2 hours! Maybe 3 hours but its ok! Its good!
This review is just according to me. I don't know may be you will experience something else. 

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