Thursday, February 28, 2013

Restless Life

People of fast life, running like anything behind nothing. Hearts carelessly crushed under the stilettos or huge Woodland shoes but still no time to cry and wipe a tear away from the cheek. I wonder where everyone is running. What are they trying to achieve? Not peace, obviously, as they say. If they wanted peace it’s really not in running. Peace exists in standing silently and wandering for a few minutes. Peace exists in stroking the dog who sits on your doorstep every day. I have experienced peace, I’m sure. Peace surely lies in calling someone you care and asking him, “Hey! You had dinner? How was your day?”

I think, people themselves kick away their Peace of mind and indulge themselves in doing useless job for the sake of earning money and livelihood. We work all day long for a Multinational Company or for an Institute and earn our living. Imagine, after ten years of such a job, when someone asks, tell me about your life, what you will answer. “I earned money and worked for a company! And yeah! I went for few tours on my birthday!”

According to me, life is something in which you have to earn love and care. So when you have a bad day, someone should be there to count on. It can be friend, boyfriend, husband, wife, mother, sister, father, or anyone. Life becomes impossible when you realize that you don’t have someone who listens to you.
I have some friends who had break-up with their girlfriends because they didn't have time to spend on them. I can’t believe actually it was the reason. Now-a-days, people have so many delicious dishes in their menu card, but no time to eat. But the ice-cream melts before they could eat.

It’s the biggest misunderstanding of a person if he thinks that if he works all the time and he thinks of his own benefits all the time, is the best he can do to himself. Because we think about our benefits and in we involve so much in the same, that we forget and ignore our loved ones. And then in the end we see broken relationships everywhere.

The day is not away when there would be no place to cry and there would be no shoulder.

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