Sunday, March 23, 2014

Every Man is 'Doosra Aadmi' - Every Women is 'Doosri Aurat'

Recently I watched a play in Multi Art Cultural Centre, Kurukshetra "Doosra Aadmi Doosr Aurat". A play in which every man can see himself and a woman can see herself. Not because we all have extra-marital affairs and cheat our partners somewhere, but because we somewhere are never satisfied with our lives and seek love and emotional bonds in any attractive man/woman around us.

The play conveyed a beautiful still bitter message how we are always stuck into the dilemma of being true to ourselves or to the society. We all boycott many things due to societal issues. Sometimes we lead a very artificial life just due to society and its pressure. Shoma Das (played by Dr Madhudeep Singh), migrates to Mumbai to lead a carefree and independent life. She is free, strong and a sensitive lady who comes across one of his colleagues, Sambhav Singh (played by Ravi Mohan Ras). Very naturally both fall in love with each other, seek their satisfaction in both emotional and physical relationships. Not to forget, both are married and have their own families. Still they continue with each other. Shoma finds this relationship more interesting than her own marriage. Sambhav respects her, her feelings, her liking and everything she wanted from her husband. Gradually, Shoma feels, she can never get respect and recognition what a wife does if she goes out with Sambhav. Sambhav also makes her feel so. Misunderstandings occur, fights are resolved but Shoma always finds that she is "just-another-women" for Sambhav, which bothers her a lot and she get nightmares. Sambhav hates her psycho-maniac behaviour and gets fed up. In the end, Shoma takes a leave from office for a month and gets back to her own life, where there is no Sambhav. She owns her own responsibilities and her daughter and finds it satisfactory. She sees a friend in Sambhav, nothing much.

The play conveys that how do we find interest in our same old n boring life and somewhere we are happy in it. At times we feel like having something special when we get bored in our lives. For time being, we find such relationships wonderful. But as the time passes and those relationships become our duties, we are unable to cope with them because we find those relationships not worthy enough. 
Shoma wanted a relationship for her happiness but how and when she becomes prey to it, it becomes late then. Sometimes relationships eat us and our 'self' but Shoma didn't let this happen.

A dialogue of the play which I found very effective. When Sambhav asks Shoma, in frustration, if she wants to marry him.

Shoma: I will marry you and break my past marriage. Later on, when I will not be satisfied by this marriage, I will marry again. And it will go on. So marriage is the solution.

'Character-less' is never a word for me. No one is character-less. Every person does something for his/her sake. Shoma and Sambhav are not character-less. They are the victims of their own temporary desires. We all have Shoma and Sambhav in us. For me every man, who is victim of such emotional games of life, is a 'Doosra Aadmi' and a 'Doosri Aurat'.



    1. You are welcome sir. But your play was indeed superb :)