Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do not Marry! Stay happy!

I have come across so many people who do not want to get married in their lives. Earlier I used to think it’s only me or its just lack of maturity in me or my feminism which say that I should not get married. But gradually I have come across so many people in my life or are somehow related to my life who say that they do not want to get married.
My reasons not to get married is:
I think I will not find a person ever in my life who can bear with me, my thoughts and my high volume on each & everything. Its not that I get angry, its just my pitch is a bit high that in my theatre plays, I am exempted of collar mics. I don't think there's a guy who is brave enough to do that.
Hats off to my PG mates, who are bearing with me.

Marriage is a relationship through which you will get a saas, nanad, sasur, jeth, devar etc but not a husband.
When you will need a husband, he will be busy in playing the role of a son, brother, or anything but not husband.
So in short, faayeda kuchh nahi. Sirf consequesnces.
Its just a legal bond, in which u r allowed to move in with a guy, in his home, with all your new bed, fridge, AC, oven, and many other things gifted by your father. Dowry, to be axact.
These days, success rate of the marriages are very low. I think people these days not now very tolerant to anything which they are not comfortable in. So they get fed up easily and break the relationship. Nobody takes marriage as a relationship n commitment did to each other. They just believe in a bond which is signed by both of the parties and are approved of living together but in reality, they might ot approve each other. They might ot talk to each other. They might be having different views about each other. But still, because in society, they have to live with each other, because they husband n wife, they choose to bear with each other.
Girls now are more aware of their rights. In older times, when a woman wants to do something, she could be replied by the word 'NO'. But now-a-days, people know that she would retaliate. So they play Emotional Politics to say NO. They just do not say straight NO, they just give some reasons from the woman herself, that she herself says NO to the situation.
Sooner or Later...Do not Marry! Stay happy!

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